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Project Development, Operation and Market Participation

  • Joint venture, partnership, and other participation agreements
  • Interconnection and transmission service agreements
  • Market-based rate authorization
  • Transmission revenue requirement and rate development
  • Energy and/or capacity purchase and sale agreements
  • Contracts for transactions involving renewable energy credits, green tags, and other environmental attributes
  • ISO/RTO market participation
  • Rules and requirements for energy and capacity offers in organized markets
  • Certifications and compliance under the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 and the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 2005
  • DOE authorization for electricity exports


  • Licensing and relicensing
  • Clean water, environmental resource and allocation issues
  • Litigation, settlement strategy and negotiation
  • Regulatory compliance

Cost of Service Rates

  • Revenue requirement and rate development for transmission and reactive capability services
  • Settlement strategy and negotiation, litigation

Compliance and Enforcement

  • Ongoing compliance filings and requirements under FERC’s market-based rate program
  • FERC enforcement investigations and self-reports
  • NERC and regional entity compliance and self-reports
  • Development of FERC compliance programs and processes
  • FERC and NERC Audits
  • Development of fuel cost policies for energy offers in organized markets
  • Response to market monitors inquiries and requests for information

M&A and Financings

  • FERC and DOE due diligence for target projects, identification of regulatory and commercial risks, and analysis and scaling of risks
  • Document review to ensure compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements
  • Negotiation of regulatory representations in purchase and sale agreements
  • Review of financing documents and preparation of legal opinions concerning regulatory compliance for financing
  • FERC authorization under Section 203 of the Federal Power Act
  • Market power mitigation plans
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